BARAH PENTIS (12 - 35)
  Producer : Prairna Agarwal  
  Writer : Ratnakar Matkari  
  Directer :Navin Kumar  
  Cast :Navin Kumar, Mukul Nag & Prairna Agarwal  

Kirit, Bindu and Radhakrishan are best friends. Bindu and Radhakrishan got married in spite of the opposition of their families and start living together in a small town. Kirit’s heart gets broken because he was in love with Bindu. He joined the army.

Time passes by. After years Kirit is traveling. On his way comes the small town of Bindu and Radha. He goes to meet them. Bindu welcomes him and tells him the story of her shattered married life and then her committing suicide by twelve thirty five (12-35) mid night train. Kirit freezes to his bones when he realizes that he is talking to Bindu’s ghost. She gets disappeared quickly and after a while Radha comes from his duty. Radha is a station master. Radha tells Kirit a total different story that Bindu died because of anemia. Kirit decides to punish him and wants to shoot Radha but again Bindu’s ghost appears. Firstly she begs and then she forcibly stops Kirit not to kill Radha and gets disappeared. Radha’s guilt hits him hard and he tells Kirit the truth of Bindu’s suicide. Finally in the end all the three characters come out of their insecurity and guilt and embrace the truth.