Writer & Producer : Prairna Agarwal  
  Directer :Navin Kumar  
  Cast : Rajesh Puri, Bhavna Balsaver, Rish Vyas, Karishma Randeva Mukhi & Navin Kumar  

Chandni and chakori are two young beautiful woman, very different to each other. Where Chandani is an open hearted, responsible person, Chakori an innocent person. Chandni's professor husband Kamal is an intellectual kind, honest and fun loving man. Chand and Chakori both are doing their PHD under prof. Kamal's guidance. Chand is a rich, handsome, young man. Chandni's hilarious father Bhawani is a hard of hearing and funny uncle Batuk is a stammerer, are twins. Bhawani shown his greedy attitude by opening a high profile college in Mumbai. One day in an unwarned moment, at Chakori's end it gets revealed that she is in clandestine love with prof. Kamal and likewise Chand is with Chandni Then emerges an intelligently devised comical plan designed to bring Chand, Chakori and Bhavani all back on straight and narrow.

It is an interesting and fun failed plan which of course is the theme & spirit of this comedy play. A sweet conspiracy exposing a chain of hilarious funny situation leads to all misunderstandings confusions. happens to all characters.
Here is, CHANDNI- CHAND AUR CHAKORI a laughter riot.

A young unmarried gal, in an affair with a married man
A bachelor, in an affair with a married woman.
A story of extra marital affair....???
Not at's different