Writer & Producer : Prairna Agarwal  
  Directer : Navin Kumar  
  Cast : Navin Kumar, Prairna Agarwal & Others  

Pyare Chatkar and Tintin are in love with each other. Tintin’s father Sir Doriwala doesn’t want Tintin to get married with Pyare Chatkar. Tintin pretends that she is mentally disturbed. Sir Doriwala sends his servants Chir and Kut in search of a good doctor. In their search Chir and Kut meet Nona who wishes to take revenge from her husband I.M.Nai for having beaten her. Nona tells Chir and Kut that I.M.Nai is a famous physician but has a strange habit that he will deny his medical knowledge unless he is beaten. A few good blows are enough to convince I.M.Nai that he is a marvellous doctor. He is taken to Sir Doriwala’s house, where he begins to enjoy the attention paid to his absurd medical jargon. Learning the whole situation by Pyare Chatkar who also bribes him, I.M.Nai disguises Pyare Chatkar as his compounder. Thus the young man gets success in entering Sir Doriwala’s house. The lovers escape and I.M.Nai is caught. But Doriwala agrees for their marriage upon hearing that Pyare Chatkar just inherited his uncle’s property. Finally Sir Doriwala forgives I.M.Nai.