Writer & Producer : Prairna Agarwal  
  Directer : Navin Kumar  
  Cast : Bhagyashree, Akshay Anand, Kruttika  
Prem, a businessman has romantic fantasies for Menaka, an upcoming dancer but before he confronts his feelings to her, he is taken aback by his friend Frankie's surprise where he is introduced to Pari, who looks exactly like his despised wife Chanda. Prem did not like his wife and that’s why he shows no interest in Pari. That very instant the spirit of Chanda enters the body of Pari, who slaps Prem declaring that now she has a body to keep on and would be visiting always. That means she would not authorize Prem and Menaka to go ahead for the union. Now starts the non preventable comedy with hilarious situations, full of chaos and confusion. One day, eventually when Prem gave up because of Chanda's relentless Slaps, he is surprised to perceive spirit of Chanda in Pari, who is looking after him very well. There Chanda reveals the reason for the failure of their marriage. Both admit and realize their mistakes in regret but it is too late to realize. Time has come for Chanda’s spirit to depart from this mortal world and rest in peace. Chanda discloses her desire to Prem that he should marry Pari as she is the right lover but then leaves every thing on Prem’s conscious and his free will and her spirit departs forever. Here comes the Twist...!!! Will Prem understand Pari’s love for him and would drop Menaka? Will Pari accept Prem's Proposal or leave him forever? Will Menaka leave Prem or would strive to get him? To whom Prem would say “MUJHSE SHADI KAROGI?” Is it Menka or Pari? Watch the play to encounter lots of fun, twists, many more excitements and laughter throughout.