Writer & Producer : Prairna Agarwal  
  Directer :Navin Kumar  
  Cast : Poonam Dhillon , Aasif Sheikh and Navin Kumar  

Roshni a beautiful and highly successful painter at a hill station in pursuit of a suitable theme in its sylvan surroundings for her new work which would be part of the world painting exhibition soon to be held in London. A chance encounter at a small restaurant brings her and Deepak, an unrestrained and naughty though equally famous financial consultant together. Even while both of them feed each other imaginary tidbits about their professional and personal life., it becomes apparent that both of them have uncomfortable thing in their lives.she is having a vacuous relationship with her boyfriend which is turning to be more and more uninspiring and he is indulge a liking toward each other but don't reveal it. After their brief stay in the enchanting atmosphere of the hill station they return to their Individual worlds of high speed and high social interactivity in their respective home town in Delhi. But soon they realize that they have left something behind in the beckoning innocence of the hill station. Both of wanted to be sure and first whether the other person is in love with him / her or not. Here comes a twist in the story. They get pleasantly surprised when they get a wonderful clue about each other. What is the clue? Whether they have an irresistible encounter of the heart at the same restaurant or not? Whether they say those their magical words "I Love You" to each other or still carry their old relationship? Watch the play to encounter with these and many more excitements, fun and twist which amuse and create laughter throughout.