Producer - Directer :Navin Kumar & Prairna Agarwal  
  Writer : Prairna Agarwal  
  Cast : Shweta Tiwari & Vinay Jain  

Kunal Mittal is a decent, handsome, young Industrialist. Kunal’s family Astrologer, whose predictions never got wrong, had predicted that today’s full moon night Kunal will get his right life partner. After knowing this, Kunal runs away and comes to stay in a cheap lodge in Thane far away from his house in Mumbai, to hide himself for a night because he doesn’t want to get married with the girl of his father’s choice. A charming, beautiful young woman Kavita also comes to stay in the same lodge and has narrated a sad false story to the lodge Manager about herself. The Manager put Kavita in Kunal’s room without his consent because no other room is empty in the lodge. Kunal and Kavita start fighting with each other for the room. In the beginning they narrate false stories to each other about themselves but when the relationship between the two started getting developed, Kavita reveals the truth to Kunal that her greedy Uncle-Aunt wanted her to get married with a very rich 65 years old man so she ran away from her house. At one point, Kavita sees the same old rich man in TV news and shows him to Kunal too. Then comes the twist in the story followed by excitements, fun and romance throughout the play.