Produced & Dramatized by - Prairna Agarwal  
  Directed by : Navin Kumar  
  Writer : Prairna Agarwal  
  Cast : Tinnu Anand , Rajesh Puri , Prairna Agarwal in & as Sugandhi  
  Story - Saadat Hasan Manto  

Sugandhi is a play based on Manto’s world fame immortal story “Hatak.”

Sugandhi, a warm and romantic prostitute, the main protagonist of the play, is in love with one of her customers Madho . She dreams about him and thinks that he is her only dream man. As he always assures her ; she also starts thinking that one day she and Madho will start living together in their beautiful dream world and she will also get rid of her profession. But actually Madho is befooling her, enjoying with her and also taking some money from her. Pimp Ramlal makes Sugandhi aware of her professional realities every now and then; that there is no space for emotions. Sugandhi’s friend Jamna, who is also a prostitute by profession do the same. One night a rich customer rejects Sugandhi. That rejection tears her soul. She realizes the facts of her profession and then an emotional woman dies and a hard core prostitute takes birth inside her. She understands Madho’s intentions clearly and gives it back to him.